Meet Our Team

David Case

Professor of Bible and Theology

        Dr. Case is the longest serving faculty member in the history of Ohio Christian University having served the institution in the capacities of Vice President for Academic Affairs, Religion Department Chairperson and Professor of Bible and Theology for more than 45 years.

Lonnie Potts

OCU Christian Ministries Instructor

Lonnie Potts is an affiliate instructor in the Ohio Christian University religion department with the responsibility to train ministry students in the practical aspects of pastor life and work.

Jamey Gremillion

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Ministries

Jamey Gremillion, along with his wife and four children, left a productive pastorate in Morgantown, West Virginia to join the faculty of Ohio Christian University in 2012, where he now serves as Assistant Professor of Intercultural Ministries and course instructor in biblical studies.

Matt McKee

Adjunct Professor of Youth Ministry

I am a 19 year veteran of student ministry that is passionate about training the next generation of youth workers as well as challenging students to live the John 10:10 life.

Joel Moyar

Adjunct Professor of Religion

Google search Joel Moyar and the U.S. White Pages will identify one person living in Ohio and another in Mississippi by that name. Ironically, both designations identify the same individual, Ohio Christian University Professor of Religion Joel Moyar.

Rick Christman

Religion Department Chair, Assistant Provost

My name is Dr. Rick Christman, Sr. I am currently the Assistant Provost and Vice President for Academics and Student Services here at Ohio Christian University.

David Brown

Associate Professor of Bible and Theology

A seasoned pastor in the Wesleyan Church, he faithfully served congregations in Indiana, Illinois, and the state of New York for a total of 18 years.

Ben Williamson

Associate Professor of Bible and Church History

Benjamin W. Williamson is the associate professor of Bible and Church History at Ohio Christian University, one of the fastest growing post-secondary educational institutions of its kind in America. He served for two years as the Religion Department Chair.

Joe Brown

Professor of Religion

Joe Brown arrived on the campus of Ohio Christian University, then Circleville Bible College, in the year 2000 with responsibility to serve as Vice President of Academic Affairs coupled with the special task of leading the college through the rigorous and time-consuming process leading to North C

Gerald Mershimer

Assistant Professor of Bible

Gerald Mershimer serves in the OCU Religion Department as Assistant Professor of Religion with teaching specialties in biblical studies, preaching, and spiritual formation. President Mark Smith likes to say that Gerald was his first faculty hire after assuming leadership of the university.

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