Joel Moyar

Google search Joel Moyar and the U.S. White Pages will identify one person living in Ohio and another in Mississippi by that name. Ironically, both designations identify the same individual, Ohio Christian University Professor of Religion Joel Moyar. A native of Erie, Pennsylvania and 2000 graduate of Iroquois High School, Joel completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies while attending Ohio Christian University followed by a Master of Divinity at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Upon graduation from WBS, he returned to his undergraduate alma mater to serve as Affiliate Professor of Religion in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Joining an elite group of alumni serving in a faculty position within only four years of graduation, Ohio Christian University Provost Dr. Hank Kelly noted his stellar performance in the adult and graduate division adding him to the traditional adjunct religion faculty in 2012, where he continues to serve as Professor of Biblical Studies, Evangelism, and Children’s Ministries.

Professor Moyar is every inch a biblical and theological scholar and preacher. A member of Delta Epsilon Chi, The Honor Society of the Association for Biblical Higher Learning, he speaks and writes with a depth of understanding and intellect beyond his years. The passion of his heart, however, is not ivory tower speculation but passionate communication of biblical truth to a 21st century audience. An avid blogger, a recent entry titled Pride and Grace, displays his capacities to make profound truth applicable to everyday living. “My pride desires to neutralize grace and regard it as earned favor from God. Pride is the essential attitude of the fall, where ever there is breath on this earth, there is the danger of pride. I must be aware of its curious evils, mindful of its insipid deceitfulness, and reject it. I must be laid low before God, and with volitional intent depend completely on his grace. It is my only hope, my only help.” An avid pastor, Joel planted the Turning Point Church of Christ in Christian Union in 2010 and successfully merged it with the Groveport, Ohio CCCU two years later. Contemplative in philosophy and style, Pastor Joel lives with his flock guiding them into rich green pastures of authentic worship, work, and Christian witness on a regular basis. Scholar and practitioner, his capacities to communicate sound theology and biblical truth with contemporary relevance are beyond question.

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