Gerald Mershimer

Gerald Mershimer serves in the OCU Religion Department as Assistant Professor of Religion with teaching specialties in biblical studies, preaching, and spiritual formation. President Mark Smith likes to say that Gerald was his first faculty hire after assuming leadership of the university. He notes that the mentoring efforts of Professor Mershimer have done much to draw the OCU student body closer to God. In appreciation for his stellar performance in and outside of the classroom, Gerald was awarded the honor of being selected the 2013 “University Faculty Person of the Year."


The passion Professor Mershimer has for preaching and teaching biblical truth is nothing short of contagious. Having served 16 years in a pastoral ministry context, congregations in five states and three different denominations attest to his anointed pulpit ministry. A truly gifted speaker, he expounds God’s word with exegetical soundness and anointing, making the preaching experience a life-transforming event in the lives of his listeners. Colorful and dynamic, his experience as an associate Old Testament and New Testament Walk Through the Bible instructor adds depth and texture to his preaching content. In a published article entitled, Transformation through Biblical Preaching , he connects the dots for effective pulpit ministry in the 21st century “…a relentless, God-centered orientation, exegetical integrity, and existential authenticity are non-negotiable. Our smoothest, most well-crafted sermons cannot take children of Satan and make them into children of God who imitate Christ; that can only happen as a resurrection-class miracle enacted by the Holy Spirit. For some reason, however, God chooses to use preachers who put Him at the center of their preaching, who handle His word with integrity, and who practice what they preach. ‘Please, God, help me be such a preacher!’” Loving, authentic, gifted, and compassionate Gerald Mershimer is without a doubt a model for those called to proclaim God’s truth in the new millennium. Moreover, if you think him to be a dry theologian check out his You Tube poetic recitation “The Trash Talking Preacher” written while an undergraduate student at Hobe Sound Bible College in Florida. Respected by faculty, students, family and friends, Gerald brings the light and life of Christ with him wherever he goes. Professor Mershimer currently serves as senior pastor of the Londonderry UMC in Londonderry, Ohio.



B.A., Hobe Sound Bible College; M.A., Columbia Biblical Seminary; D.Min. Studies, Anderson University (SC)

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